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Family Law

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Family Law Specialist

Our Partner Annamaria Marano is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.

We have the experience to deal with your Divorce, Property, Spousal Maintenance, Child Support and Parenting Dispute.


McBride Harle and Martin's objective is to try and avoid Court proceedings. We will attempt to resolve disputes with minimal distress for our clients and will recommend negotiation and mediation prior to Court proceedings which should be a last resort.


Our Litigation Division has the expertise to discover hidden assets or undeclared wealth and to work out the assets of the marriage and/or relationship for division.

With many years experience McBride Harle and Martin will assist you fairly and professionally.

Violence & Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

This is a time of immense stress and pressure. It is essential to have the guidance, support and advice of an experienced solicitor.

We can give you immediate advice and also help and guide you at short notice.

Divorce & Children

Separation from children and Divorce is a stressful time for all concerned.

We provide practical advice to difficult situations. We will ensure you receive a sensible solution to your Family Law problem.

We are very conscious of the stress, emotion and anxiety that separation and Divorce brings.

We can assist you to negotiate an agreement which will work for your family.

Grandparents are so often forgotten about when a son or daughter's marriage breaks down. We remember Grandparents and the role they play in difficult times.

Our aim is to provide a practical and compassionate approach to resolution of disputes.

De-Facto Relationships and Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Today, a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is an increasing common denominator in relationships,especially where both parties have significant assets. We can help you with making decisions about your finances and your affairs and by carefully advising you on the type of Agreement to be signed and matters that need to be covered in your Agreement to protect your rights.